©2019 by William Carduner for San Francisco Board of Education


1.  How old are you?

I am 34.

2.  Are you from San Francisco?

No.  I have lived here for 7 years.  I grew up in Michigan, spent three years in Japan teaching English, and then moved here.

3.  Why are you running?

In my time living in San Francisco, I have seen countless parents have nervous breakdowns over the school lottery system.  This lottery system is a noble policy, but it only works if every school in the city is of equal quality.  A district with such disparities in resources, staff, and funding cannot truly call itself "unified."  The board of education must do more to address the concerns of those who are most in need.

4.  Did you go to public school?

Yes, in Michigan - and they were great public schools.  I have seen how they are supposed to work.  

5.  What do you know about students?

6.  You work in for-profit education.  Why should we trust you to work for public schools?

7.  You don't seem to have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook link.  What's your deal?

8.  Are you going to stuff my mailbox full of obnoxious flyers?